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Since its inception in 2018, Online Lead Finder has proven itself to be the Brisbane area’s most driven and successful growth-oriented digital marketing outfit. Throughout the last few years, we’ve expanded across the entire continent, providing industry-leading content strategy services, including:

Website security - Web content strategies - Local Citations

When it comes to digital marketing efforts, our staff and services are unmatched. Come meet the driving force behind our success. 

Karla Karpenko Online Lead Finder North Brisbane

About the Founder

Online Lead Finder began as a labour of love for founder Karla Karpenko. It was 2018 when Karla first launched the idea. She started from humble beginnings, attending networking groups to forge new interpersonal relationships with potential, future clients. Her boots-on-the-ground work ethic paid off. 

Karla began Online Lead Finder as a side project to accompany her day-to-day life, but significant parallels soon arose between her career and her side business. People and connection. These two concepts serve as a refrain that drives both Online Lead Finder’s success and strategic acumen. With a unique combination of professional experience and interpersonal acumen, she began building her search optimisation company the old-fashioned way: through people and connection. 

Credentials and Accolades

Karla is the driving force behind Online Lead Finder’s industry-leading content strategy and search engine optimisation services. She has both a breadth and depth of SEO experience, with accolades and credentials that are directly aligned with the success of her clients.

In pursuit of digital marketing excellence, Karla has obtained key credentials, certifications, and competencies designed to help her client base thrive in the digital arena. To that effect, Karla has completed the eBusiness Institute’s premium digital training course and received her certification in digital marketing methods. That certification program gives Online Lead Finder unique expertise in the following areas of digital marketing and search engine optimisation:

● Growth digital marketing strategies
● Website design, specifically development and launch procedures
● User interface (UX) design
● Keyword density and competition research methods
● Content marketing strategies
● Website conversion optimisation
● Website monetisation strategies
● Website brand refresh services

Additionally, Karla and Online Lead Finder have a wealth of working knowledge and expertise in website maintenance, security, operational efficiency, and general digital business practices. Karla has direct experience helping brands analyse their day-to-day traffic in pursuit of operational oversight, including digital security setup and webmaster management.

Karla received her  certifications from the eBusiness Institute, ensuring that our knowledge base is always updated and aware of the needs and wants of our clients. With Karla Karpenko at the helm, there is no online issue Online Lead Finder cannot remedy.


In 2019, Online Lead Finder established its physical headquarters in the vibrant city of Brisbane in the Virginia QLD business hub. As a home-based business, Online Lead Finder prides ourselves on being available for our clients around the clock, when they need us the most.

Although we are physically located in Brisbane, our service footprint stretches across the entirety of Australia. No matter where your company does business, Online Lead Finder has the tools and expertise to reach you.

A Diverse Team of Industry Professionals

Karla is the driving force behind Online Lead Finder’s success, but that success is directly attributable to the team she has behind her.

Online Lead Finder employs a wide range of professionals, each with their own signature skill set. Although Karla is the face of the business, she has a writer and website developer working in conjunction with her behind the scenes, ensuring that each clients’ digital presence is unmatched. Karla also employs third-party accountant who not only keeps the business’s financials on track, but helps with new client set up as well.

Karla and the team at Online Lead Finder are dedicated to helping your brand succeed. To view samples of our work, or to inquire further about our services, please contact us today.

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