Call us today through the 1300 253 956 phone number to connect with a friendly team member whom will assist you with your enquiries regarding optimising your business website. Scheduled appointments are available for booking a discovery session that go for a duration of 30 mins either over the phone or via ZOOM video call.

The phone calls through the 1300 number go through to Karla’s hand held mobile phone – Our conversation is private as it will be answered in my home office occupied by one person whom is Karla Karpenko.

By chance you call while i’m out of the office please leave a message via voice mail and i will give you a call back.

Email is also another option for scheduling an appointment or sending through an enquiry, the email enquiry will go directly to an inbox that is private to karla’s management only.

We are a friendly home based small business that will provide you with the best service possible that is within the our ability to do so.

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