Gravatar: What Is It, Why, When and How Should You Be Using It.


Get excited media lovers this article is about to give you insight into a Gravatar online management.

What is Gravatar? Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. This web service let’s users upload a professional profile image making it used as an online avatar and will associate the avatar with their email address. The Gravatar is an online management system that users can add multiple websites to for posting of an article either as a guest posting or representing the team they are associated with.

Why should you use a Gravatar – A business using a professional photo is to ensure their business branding is uniform your reputation and trust can be transferred over different platforms.

Human connection plays a critical role in our daily interactions. Despite advancements in technology, we still enjoy talking with a real customer support agent or sales rep, rather than an automated system. Moreover, if we can see the person’s face, we can build a better connection with the individual.

People will trust a post more when they can see who is posting the article.


Trusted by the top brands – The biggest companies you know use Gravatar. Your avatar is automatically recognized by Slack, GitHub, WordPress, and other popular services.

Another great benefit is the profile image is automatically resized and changed to fit in the ID profile upload section.

When posting articles on your business website the option to have several staff members post article topic’s on specialised knowledge on the topic they focus on growing for the business.

For the more broad messages that are announced from the company a logo image can be placed as the profile ID image, to give the unity image.

Here are four important reasons to have your own gravatar.

  • Identity: A gravatar can help customers identify with you and your brand easily; that’s why you need to set it up at the earliest. From a marketing perspective, creating an online gravatar can help you re-brand yourself, and even engage much more with customers than before.
    What’s more, with a grava-tar, customers can easily identify with your image/logo and this should even help you boost your conversion rates.
  • Better user engagement: A grava-tar can lead to greater interaction with your audience; recently a study highlighted the fact that customers interact more freely in the online medium with those with established identities such as gravatars than otherwise.
    And more importantly, as customers increase their user engagement, you should be able to market your key products and services effectively.
  • Better traffic: With a boost in customer engagement, and as customers are able to easily identify with your brand and logo, this should result in better visibility. The added bonus feature is that gravatars are portable and that you need to set up your profile only once.
    And after that, you can use the same grava-tar on websites that come with pre-built gravatar support; so you would not have to go to the trouble of creating a new one all over again. And as you surf online, comment on other websites, interact more with others on these platforms, your gravatar should get displayed alongside which is why it is important that you set one up at the earliest.
  • Cost: It costs nothing to set up a gravatar; if you set one up, then you are bound to become more visible and even snag more traffic, as a result of the same.

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