How to Find Your Target Audience with Long-Tail Keywords

How to Find Your Target Audience with Long-Tail Keywords

If you work in the healthcare or service industry, you probably have a webpage for your business. Is your business finding high-quality leads and attracting specific customers who are looking for the services that you provide? If not, you need to know about the benefits of long-tail keywords as they can decrease competition and isolate leads.

Here are five basic benefits and tips for using long-tail words and how they can help you find your target audience and grow your business, along with an example.

What are Long-tail Keywords?

Most likely, you’ve heard of the term \”long-tail keywords\” but may not understand what this means. Put simply, these are keyword phrases that are more specific as well as longer than short-term keywords. In other words, they are search terms that have a lower search volume. What’s more, their competition is also lower. They\’re usually at least three words, making them longer than other types of keywords.

Five Basic Benefits

1. Helps Businesses Find High-quality Leads

One of the main advantages of using long-tail keywords is that your business can find high-quality leads. Consider how short-term keywords are more competitive. As a result, your web visits tend to be random and unorganized, which can lead to a lower ROI. However, when you know how to cleverly use long-tail keywords, you’re more likely to have a greater ROI even though you generate less web traffic. This is because you’re pinpointing or targeting just the right audience for your specific services.

2. Easier to Rank

Again, one of the main perks of using long-term keywords is that they\’re less competitive. Because long-term keywords are not as competitive as short-tail keywords, they\’re considerably easier to rank. 

3. More Content Visibility 

When people search for long-term keywords, search engines personalize the search. This makes your content more visible.

4. Improved Conversion Rates

Web users choosing long-tail keywords in their web searches are more specific about what they want to find. As a result, businesses typically have better conversion rates.  

5. A Quicker Page Ranking

Pages are ranked by Google according to their quality, authority, and relevance. Some businesses have more prominence because of their higher authority from backlinks. But what if your webpage is new, or maybe you haven\’t been able to get enough backlinks? This hinders your ability to compete, regardless of the high quality of your content. The good news is that you can attract potential customers by using specific long-tail keywords. This lets you compete even though you don\’t have a lot of backlinks on your blog posts or page.

How can You Identify the Best Long-tail Keywords for Your Business?

If you find it hard to determine the best long-tail keywords for your business, take a look at your competition. Go to your competitors\’ pages and study their web content. Then, choose a site with content that\’s comparable to yours. Use Google for finding the specific long-tail keywords that can boost your rankings.

Example of How a Dental Business Uses Long-tail Keywords

Let\’s say you\’re a pediatric dentist based in Brisbane. Instead of using generic short-term keywords, such as \”Brisbane dentist\”, choose specific long-term keywords. A good example of long-tail keywords for your service industry would be something, such as: \”pediatric dentist Wavell Heights, Brisbane\”. This can give you better odds for attracting parents with children who need your dental services.

Other Considerations: The Bottom LINE

  • Most people who conduct long-tail keyword searches are more ready to purchase those who make generic searches. 
  • Using long-tail keywords can increase traffic to your website, which can lead to acquiring more links.
  • Failing to have a long-tail SEO strategy in today\’s competitive market world can mean that your business is missing out. 

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